What Are The Hidden Costs of Moving? – Tips That Won’t Leave You Out of Pocket

There’s no denying that moving house is an expensive endeavour and with soaring UK house prices buyers are needing to save harder than ever to realise their dreams of a new home. But often other costs are overlooked as the focus is placed on needing to put money aside for a large deposit. We don’t want you to get caught out, so we’ve asked our experts what hidden costs you need to make sure you’ve got money in the bank for.

Conveyancing fees

This is the legal process involved in buying a property and the amount you need to budget for depends on both the value of the home you are buying and the level of expertise you require.

The conveyancing work will need to be carried out either by a solicitor or a conveyancer, and while the latter is often a more budget-friendly option, a solicitor will generally have more extensive legal expertise.

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